Social Value Action Planning Tool

Welcome to the Social Value Action Planning Tool

Social value is important to BlueLight Commercial Services and the 43 Police Forces we work with, and that is why we have provided this free tool to help our current and future suppliers develop their own social value action plan. The tool will help you to:

  • Understand what social value means in practice
  • Identify your existing social value activity
  • Explore new social value activity

The tool will help you review the environmental, economic, and social impacts of your business and allow you to clearly identify where you are already having a positive social value impact and where you could do more.

This tool will help you create a tailored action plan for your business, which can be used to demonstrate to customers how you are contributing to the social value issues we all care about. Social value is important to all public sector bodies and it will increasingly be asked about as part of the procurement process.

By selecting the Police Forces you supply within the tool your action plan will be automatically shared with current customers.

We hope you find it of use.

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