Social Value Action Planning Tool

Welcome to the Social Value Action Planning Tool

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2013 requires public bodies, and people who buy public goods and services, to consider wider social, economic and environmental benefits. The Act is a guide to help commissioners get more value for money out of procurement. In 2020 the UK Government made it mandatory for all central government departments and central government contracts to include Social Value criteria.

At BlueLight Commercial we include social value within our own tenders and contracts, promoting best practise and practical support across the 43 police forces in England and Wales to adopt social value as widely as possible.

As part of the guidance and tools provided to forces is this Social Value Action Planning Tool, offered completely free of charge to existing and potential policing suppliers to develop and implement their own social value action plans.

The tool will help you:

  • review the environmental, economic, and social impacts of your business;
  • clearly identify where you are already having a positive social value impact and where you could do potentially deliver more;
  • and create a tailored action plan for your business, demonstrating to customers how you are contributing to the social value issues we all care about.

Social value is important to all public sector bodies and will increasingly be asked about as part of the procurement process. By selecting the police forces and/or fire and rescue services you supply your action plan will be automatically shared with them.

BlueLight Commercial is also developing relationships with the Fire and Rescue Services, and we anticipate wider future interest in social value from the emergency services sector.

We hope you find this tool of use. To help you get started view a walkthrough of how to create your action plan

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